The Specifics of Getting A Court Bail Bond

Nobody wants to end up in jail. Once a person has been booked their best chance of being released is with a court bail bond. This means they must pay a specific amount of money to post a bond in return for their release from jail. The amount of the bond is determined by the severity of the crime and if the authorities believe the person will appear for their court dates in the future. This decision is made by the judge using established criteria. This includes if the individual has a criminal record, the seriousness of the crime, if they pose a threat to the community and if they are considered a flight risk based on their community ties. Whether the individual is released under bail or by their own recognizance, if they do not show up for their court date an arrest warrant will most likely be issued. 

Under most circumstances the judge will not consider a written promise to show up for court sufficient. The judge will require a financial guarantee in the form of a court bail bond. This process requires a specific amount of money prior to the individual being released from custody. The individual must promise to be at all scheduled court proceedings before being released. If the person appears in court the money paid for bail is returned. If the person fails to appear the bail money is forfeited. For more information please visit here

A court bail bond Paradise NV is often necessary for the individual to pay the amount of the bond. The bail proceedings are not exactly the same in every court. A bail hearing is usually required for the court to determine if bail will be granted. If the case is extreme enough the court bail bond can be denied. The eligibility and amount of the bail bond is determined by the person’s financial resources, mental and physical condition, any history of alcohol or drug abuse, any criminal history, family ties, any previous court appearances and how long the person has lived in the community. The court can also place restrictions on the bond such as a curfew, limited travel, requiring alcohol, drug, psychological or medical testing and revoking the privileges to own a gun. For additional details please visit this site

Once the court bail bond has been set contacting a bail bond agent is usually the next step. These agents generally accept payments in cash, cashier’s check and money orders. When the bail has been paid a document is issued by the court granting the person’s release. A bail bond agent is very important because most people are unable to afford the amount of their bail. This agent charges a nonrefundable fee for paying the bond. This is usually between ten and twenty percent of the bail amount. Once this amount has been paid the bail bond agent will pay the remainder of the balance for the court bail bond. The person must appear for their court date in the future.