Free gift boxes attract all forex traders, and the best welcome bonus forex are regularly on the search list of every forex businessmen, from beginners to experts. The Welcome Bonus is claimed to be the best Forex Bonus type ever because traders can have free money to start. There is no risky money with the […]

Free gift boxes attract all forex traders, and the best welcome bonus forex are regularly on the search list of every forex businessmen, from beginners to experts. The Welcome Bonus is claimed to be the best Forex Bonus type ever because traders can have free money to start. There is no risky money with the free bonus, and you can keep both your gift and your profit – if you win – as well. In order to help trader search for good Welcome Bonuses, we present this article with the short overview of Forex Bonuses focusing on the Welcome Bonus. There are also some example bonuses with relevant tips for your concern. Now, let’s begin.

1. Forex Bonuses

In general, The Forex Bonuses can be put into three classes: Welcome Bonus, Deposit bonus, and Lot Back bonus.

Welcome Bonus, or Sign-up Bonus, is the program for the new registrations once only. The new account will receive a small amount of money, thus new traders would have more to start with. This offer hooks in new traders with small pocket and also let the professional test the trading condition of brokers. Sometimes, the Welcome Bonus comes up with percentage offer, similar to the posit bonus, so also have the name as No Deposit Bonus.

Deposit Bonus is the bonus based completely on your down payment, and you can get more free bucks simply for depositing more money. For example, you receive $50 tip for $100 deposit, or $500 depositing a grand for 50% deposit bonus. Thus, the high percentage offer is normally for regular clients, and only the chosen traders will be notified with a private message.

Lot back bonuses are created for the expert forex traders solely, who spend almost all the time on the forex platform with consecutive trading. The bonus quest is to complete 1 lot/transaction then receive the rebate in return. The payback amount depends on the trading pairs, account types, and the trading time. For example, XM’s EUR/USD spread is 1.4 pip, and brokers will rebate $3 for each finished trading lot. Thus, instead of $14 as the original cost, you need to pay only $11 for the next lot of EUR/USD.

Here we present the list of 4 best forex bonuses from the best forex brokers in the world:

  • XM: 30$ Welcome Bonus
  • FBS: 123$ Welcome Bonus
  • XM: 100% Deposit Bonus
  • Exness: 2 – 16$ per lot – Lot Back Bonus

2. Brokers of Top Welcome Bonus Programs

After years of trading with brokers and testing, we have experienced several brokers with the most stable Welcome Bonuses which we consider as the best choices of quality options. The names are XM, FBS, and FXTM. These brokers are well-known for years of good forex services with the top trading condition.

XM is the most reliable to be mentioned. XM serves traders with fast services and expands fast. The broker has a strong education system with over 30 languages support and 24/5 live help. The trading condition is well-known for super low trading lots and the ultra-low spread. In 2016, Usain Bolt – the lightning becomes XM’s Official Ambassador.

FBS provides multiple accounts including Demo and Cent accounts for new traders. Numerous bonus and promotion are FBS advantages, with the staff members are available online 24/7. In addition, most of FBS target countries are from the Asian regions.

FXTM keeps connecting with the traders’ community through the friendly user interface website beside various training courses. Multiple choices of account options play a good practicing environment for the new. The company also has many regulations with an extensive support of 18 languages.

3. Standards of Good Welcome Bonuses

Good Welcome Bonus must be originated from the reliable brokers. Further, they should better have a high bonus value with easily withdraw condition.

Easy withdraw condition

No broker allows Welcome Bonus withdrawal without condition. There are two general ways to withdraw your money including the free bonus:

  1. Receive both the Welcome Bonus and the interest after performing a fixed number of trading lot
  2. Win the profit with all the Welcome Bonus, so no condition but to register & open your account

Tough withdraw conditions make things difficult for traders. Fortunately, good Welcome Bonuses are offered with uncomplicated requirements. For examples:

  • XM has the fairest requirement: complete 0.1 lot to be able to withdraw bonus take.
  • FXTM is the second with 1-lot-trade as broker’s request to pull out the property of yours.
  • FBS gives you payback for each trading lot. For example, you gained $60 interest after a week, then you have to make at least 20 lots to draw the profit, so $3 each.

High value of Welcome Bonus

The average Welcome bonus is from $10 to $30, and we traders obviously long for more in the Welcome tip to start with. Two brokers, XM and FXTM, offer $30 for the Welcome Bonus for their simple trading conditions. With a little harder requirement, FBS has the exclusive program ‘123 Bonus’ with 123 US dollars to welcome traders – the highest ever.


There is no such advantages and disadvantages of Forex Bonus, the only concern is about your knowledge and strategies. For new traders who have less experience and need time to practice, the professional and real trading platform is critically important. You need to keep tight discipline. The false sense of security in the early success can lead traders to lose all your bet in a short time. Research carefully and trade with diligent practices, then you can greatly benefit from promising forex gifts and its profits – as the veteran forex traders. If you are now certain with trading forex as the future career, it is your job to understand risks and obtain success. Don’t be careless, remember: the key to success is the liability.

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