Best Accounting Software for New Startups

Every business organisation, whether new or old must have an accounting system that is supported by accounting software. It is therefore imperative on you as a business organisation to familiarise yourself with the types of accounting software available in the market today.

Thanks to technological advances, businesses have more accounting solutions to choose from than ever before. It is possible to choose from a wide range of applications and find the best fit for your company.

This list is designed to be particularly helpful to people who have lots of invoices to send, and multiple customers to deal with. It is very easy to monitor your sales figures, your overdue payments and even new clients with these accounting systems.

For start up loans, an accounting system will help you track of your repayment plans, understand when the next loan is due, and can even alert you if payments are late.

Here are some of the best accounting software packages for start-up businesses:

  • Due

This is one of the best in the market for invoicing solutions. It is relatively new but has great reviews all over. It can be free if you do not send out more than a certain number of invoices per year, but if you want to buy the full package, it is just $49 for the year.

Other features of this package include; a billing timer, notifications when invoices are due, and the ability to export your invoices on to an Excel sheet.

  • Kashoo

This is a cleverly named accounting software that is great for bookkeeping. The cost of it starts at just under $13 per month, and if you take advantage of the global economy and marketing products, then, Kashoo is definitely a great option for your business.

  • Quickbooks

This is perhaps the most famous and oldest accounting software in the market. It was designed by Intuiting and it offers a complete accounting solution for just $5 per month. This cost is for an independent trader, and it may be different for a large organisation.

If you are looking for something more comprehensive, there are some additions to the system with premium options for handling invoices and payment of bills online.

  • Freshbooks

This is yet another old-time kind of accounting program that is sure to do the job it is meant to do. It is also the chief competitor for Quickbooks.

The least expensive FreshBooks package starts at $12.95 per month, a little less if you pay in bulk or annually. Once payment is made, you get unlimited access to invoices and you can manage up to 5 clients at once.

They also offer you unlimited email and phone support, and the ability to accept credit cards too.

  • Harvest

Harvest is not yet a full-blown accounting package. It is instead software that is used for time-tracking and also offers online invoicing services.

If you are a business that bills your clients per hour or in 15-minute increments, then, Harvest is a great solution for you. The costs start at just $12 per month for unlimited access to projects and invoicing.

  • Free agent

This software actually won the Free Vendor of the Year Award in the year 2011 in the software satisfaction category. It is very easy to use software with beautiful graphic designs and rich feature sets.

Most people, however, consider the number of features to be a liability, and users who aren’t familiar with bookkeeping may find it quite overwhelming.

It offers an unusual pricing model of $12 per month for the first six months and $24 per month for each month after that. They do not have a premium pricing model.

  • Yendo

If you are not only the business manager but also the sales rep for your own business, then Yendo is the software for you. It actually offers the best of both worlds, i.e. bookkeeping and customer relationship management (CRM).

Its packages start at just $19 per month, with the usual addition of bells and whistles.

Yendo allows you to accept credit cards and send emails in bulk. Their premium solutions offer forecasting features and the ability to access a 2-factor authentication and an API model.

  • LessAccounting

This is an accounting program that has been designed specifically for entrepreneurs who do not know much about accounting. If you want to be able to correctly count your money and still maintain your main focus on the business, then, this is the right software for you.

It is worth noting that this software enables you to outsource your accounting to professionals for just $70 per month. It is a sort of a LegalZoom for accountants.

  • Wave

If your startup business is struggling, and you need to squeeze as much out of it as possible, then, this is the right software for you. What you will love most about it is that it is absolutely free of charge.

The fact that you don’t have to pay for it doesn’t mean that it is not powerful. Even if you will not spend a single penny on this package, it still offers financial statements and double-entry bookkeeping. It also enables you to upload credit cards and bank statements in order to make your life easier.

This is an online platform that is always being updated, and you can be ensured that you always have an updated version of the software at all times.

  • Brightbook

This is free accounting software that works just as well as some other more expensive software.

Do not let the fact that it is free fool you into thinking that it is not good enough. It is a perfect package for new business organisations who are struggling to make it. In addition, it is able to handle basic accounting, invoicing and multiple currencies.


If you want your startup business to be able to compete with other businesses in the your industry, then you must consider investing in one of the above software. It will not only make your life easier, but also make you look more professional and organised.